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To read or not to read

This is a blog about what I am currently reading or have recently read and reasons why you should take the time to read it yourself or not.  I like different kinds of books so you will get my opinion on many different styles and genres of books.  I would also like to hear what you think about the books too!

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The Master Magician (The Paper Magician)
Charlie N. Holmberg

Very entertaining read.

Hidden - Catherine McKenzie

The book was captivating right from the start. There are a lot of twists and turns and I was never really sure who's side I was on.  Having the three different view points was really great and I would have loved it if there was just one chapter from Tim's point of view too so we could see where he really stood. 


The whole book did not take very long to read and had my attention throughout.  It really kept me guessing did they or didn't they... Overall it was not a waste of time and was a great diversion because it did not require a lot of heavy thought.  I would read this again.